Film and TV Backdrop Credits

You Get Me (TV) day to night backdrops.

The Crust (TV) day to night backdrops.

Inspecter Lynley (TV) photobacking.

Ghost Squad (TV) day to night backdrops.

Ragtale (film) photobacking.

Blue Peter (TV) Photobacking.

AA ( comm) photobacking.

Oil of Ulay (Comm) photobacking.

Bridget Jones Edge of Reason (film) day to night backdrops.

Bourne Supremacy (film) day to night backdrops.

Hotel Babylon (TV) day to night backdrops.

Da Vinci Code (film) photobackings ,wall and floor textures.

QVC shopping (TV) photobacking.

Casino Royale (film) photobackings.

Dragons Den (TV) photobackings.

Hot Fuzz (film) photobackings.

Afterlife (TV) day tonight backdrops and photobacking.

The Waterhorse (film) day to night backdrop.

Le Seminaire (film/tv) day to night backdrop, France.

John Adams (film) photobackings USA.

GMTV (TV) 3 photobackings for new set.

Being Human (TV) Photobacking.

Hustle (TV) Day to Night Backdrops.

Attack the Block (Film) 3 night cityscape backdrops

EastEnders (TV) 2 panoramic backdrops of Albert Sq

Dr Who (TV) Creation of star filled sky

Annabel's Kitchen (TV) composite cityscape backdrop

Attack the Block (film) 3 night cityscapes

Diehard Another Day (film) 360 ft cityscape of Moscow

Hummingbird (film) 2 day/night backdrops

The World's End (film) 5 backdrops

The Fifth Estate (film) backdrops in Iceland and London

Bad Education (TV) 1 backdrop

Kings of Leon (music Video) Prepress

In the Heart of the Sea (film) 1 backdrop

Topsy & Tim (TV) 3 Day to night backdrops

The Theory of Everything (Film) 2 backdrops

Suffragette (film) 1 backdrop

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